It is one of the few plants on earth that can provide significant social, environmental and economic benefits.

One of the only plants that can be grown commercially any where in the world.



With the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 being signed into law, hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act, making its cultivation and sale legal at the federal level.

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With Canada passing the Cannabis Act in October 2018, it is now legal to extract cannabinoids from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant

Hemp Project in Scio, Oregon

A cornerstone of the project is a 109-acre agricultural property located 70 miles south of Portland in Scio, Oregon. The farm is situated in the fertile Willamette Valley and has a history of hemp cultivation. It is ideal for cultivating hemp as the soil contains a high level of organic matter and has an established irrigation infrastructure with sufficient water rights. Read more.



HAIZ is an acronym for Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone. In simple terms, Global Hemp Group is committed to creating and implementing farming processes that make full use of the Hemp Plant. The Company will be pursuing partnership and growth opportunities with various sectors including cannabinoids, nutraceuticals, superfoods, nutritional supplements, bio-composites, automotive, building materials and energy-related markets. Read more.