Scio, Oregon
CBD Project

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A Hemp CBD Cultivation Project

Global Hemp Group and its joint venture partner (the “Partners”) are developing a high yielding CBD hemp cultivation project in Scio, Oregon, under the operating name of Covered Bridge Acres Ltd. (“CBA”).

A cornerstone of the project is the 109-acre agricultural property acquired in 2018. The farm, located in the fertile Willamette Valley approximately 70 miles south of Portland, was acquired because of a history of hemp cultivation and irrigation infrastructure with sufficient authorized water rights to allow for irrigated cultivation. The farm contains a high level of organic matter in the soil, making it ideal for hemp cultivation.

Orchard Style Outdoor Cultivation and Perpetual Harvest in Greenhouses

The vision for the project has been a dual cultivation strategy; traditional outdoor orchard style cultivation and perpetual year-round harvest in greenhouses to serve the new high CBD/low THC smokable emerging market. This will optimize revenue generation throughout the year and minimize the impact of single crop harvesting in the fall when most other CBD hemp farms harvest. The perpetual harvest plan is expected to be implemented in the summer of 2019 once cloning operations for the current season are complete.

Clone Production for Outdoor Cultivation

Five greenhouses have been purchased to date for the project, and will provide a total active greenhouse space of nearly 19,000 sq. ft. The first four greenhouses have been constructed and have been in use since mid-2018. Installation of the fifth greenhouse will be completed in the near future and be utilized in the perpetual harvest program. Management is currently evaluating how best to expand the active greenhouse space to achieve the goal of perpetual hemp harvest at the farm.

Each year the CBA team will produce a sufficient number of clones onsite to populate the entire CBA farm. Any extra clones produced and not required for the Scio farm will be sold into the open market, as was done during the 2019 season. The CBA crew is also developing a seed breeding program from current genetics being used.

Post Harvest

Once the hemp is harvested, drying takes place directly on the farm in CBA’s larger greenhouses, utilizing a traditional hanging method and large industrial gas powered dryers. The hemp is dried to approximately 10% moisture content, and then shucked, in preparation for further processing.

The CBA crew is also preparing to construct additional buildings for drying, processing and storage. These new facilities will enable the greenhouses to function solely as production facilities year round.


Matthew Calkins, President of Covered Bridge Acres Ltd. (CBA), has lived in the local area his entire life. Growing up in Stayton, just 15 minutes from the CBA farm, he is well connected in the community and has developed a network of local farming resources that have greatly benefited the CBA hemp project. Matt, his wife and their four children live on the CBA farm. Their extended families are also local residents.

Matt joined the project in 2018, initially as the Farm Foreman. During that period, he has demonstrated his ability to manage the CBA team, innovate, and provide solutions for the many challenges that a new industry like hemp presents. Earlier in 2019 Matt was promoted to the role of Project Manager and President of CBA. He is a diligent project manager and has a commitment to the hemp industry as a true pioneer. He has gained a diverse range of skills from his extensive experience managing and maintaining multi-family housing units and working directly with the community. He has over ten years’ experience growing cannabis both outdoors and in greenhouses and has been involved in a number of multiphase extraction projects that utilized either ethanol, steam or hydrocarbons.

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