Values and Vision

Why do we do what we do? There's so much that motivates our every day decisions. From the projects we take on, to the people we choose to partner with, to the choices we make when managing our farming operations. 

Our Vision for Global Hemp Group started with our Founder, Charles Larsen's personal vision. It has grown into a Shared Vision upheld and supported by our advisors, partners and team members. Charles, otherwise known as "Charlie" started his career in the Investment Industry and after 20 years, and coinciding with the birth of his son Henri, realized he wanted (and needed) to focus on work that would directly contribute to the betterment of society. 

In 2009, a friend of Charlie's turned him on to a book called The Emperor Wears No Clothes, by Jack Herer. This ultimately led Charlie down the path of "no return" - so to speak. At age 50, Charlie began to understand the value of the Hemp Plant - it's history, it's uses, it's potential applications, and most importantly, how hemp could be an instrumentally universal solution to help current and future generations improve quality of life. The Hemp plant is nothing short of a miracle and it's long overdue that the world starts to understand its potential on an global level.

As a company, Global Hemp Group strives to live by the Values of SUSTAINABILITY (Environmental and Economic), COLLABORATION (Shared learning, application, development and growth for all), IMPACT (now and for future generations) and HEALTH (as for without health, we have nothing).

The Vision is to expand operations to build a solid and sustainable supply chain for the Company and its partners to create more stable revenues and higher monetary returns, while making a positive impact on society - the fundamental essence of why we do what we do.